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5 Stars

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5 Stars

Dr Choudry has the nicest bedside manner of any doctor I have ever met. His compassion for his patients is priceless. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares for his patients. Words can not express the thankfulness my husband and I have for him and his practice.

5 Stars

Dr. Shrimanker is an Outstanding Doctor, thorough, thoughtful, knowledgeable. I have lower back pain which radiates down both legs (Sciatic Nerve). With the Injections the pain goes away for 4 to 6 months and once for 12 months. I have always been able to obtain an appointment in a reasonable time for the injections when needed. I would recommend Dr. Shrimanker to anyone having Lower Back Pain; these Injections are not painful and WORK. Noah G.

5 Stars

My patient view of Dr Chen at Rex pain management center is excellent.
Richard C.

5 Stars

Dr. Yelle is great! When nobody could help me with my severe disk degeneration back pain HE did. I have a standing 3 month appointment for back shots. They work for me. And short of that appointment I have a pain medication to get me through to the appointment. I like his personality. He is warm and understanding and very professional. Don’t live in pain! Before I saw him I was told since one time attempt with shots did not work I had to live with it and would give me NOTHING for pain. I was in a dreadful state and depressed and hurting all the time. I walk out of the office with ZERO PAIN!

5 Stars

DON'T STOP READING THIS REVIEW TILL YOU HAVE REACHED THE VERY HAPPY ENDING!!! HOPE FOR A GREATER QUALITY OF LIFE FOR MY MOTHER WITH DR. YELLE! That is what Dr. Yelle has given to my mom who was in the hospital with severe intestinal pain after eating when no other doctor on her case could. After the surgeon advised us that surgery was not an option (one even said pain management was not a viable option!!), in walked Dr. Yelle....correction - Dr. Hope! One look and I could tell this man was different.

He was kind, soft spoken, patient, with every word thoughtfully chosen before he spoke to my mother and me. As far as bedside manners go Dr. Yelle gets an outstanding 5 star rating. My mom calls him a Teddy Bear. While he agreed with the other doctor on some points he didn't on others and offered some pain management options. Amazingly Mom is 84 years old and determined to live as long as she has a good quality of life. That is exactly what Dr. Yelle told her she could have with some amazing medicine he prescribed for her. He told her as gently as possible that while surgery was not a viable option for her medical issues, there were medicines available to her that could help manage her pain, which on a pain scale of 10 being the highest, Mom's was a definite 10.The intestinal pain she was experiencing was worse than any other pain she had ever encountered.

After taking Dr. Yelle's prescription she is absolutely pain free. Eating without that severe pain that followed, but most importantly she has a great quality of life! She has even gained a couple of pounds. Dr. Yelle was very realistic about what her condition meant in terms of what she could expect for the future. When the pain medicine stopped taking effect then other medicines and measures including wonderful human beings much like himself would be there to help manage her pain. Mom sees him on an outpatient basis now. Throughout it all, he has been caring, supportive but most of all, human in his manner with my mother. My mother literally was filled with hope when he finished speaking with us. The medicine is working, my mother is pain free, eating and enjoying life!

Let this be your take away from our experience, Make Dr. Yelle your Pain Management Doctor. His staff is wonderful and he is a great at what he does. 5 stars across the board for each rating 5 stars for being a really nice guy!

5 Stars

When the healing of bone and tendon injuries following a fall nine years ago left my arm still very painful, my orthopaedist referred me to Dr. Hsiupei Chen to help with nerve pain. Dr. Chen was quickly able to identify trauma to the brachial plexus as the cause of the pain, clearly explain the condition, and suggest treatment to help me deal with it.

Since that time Dr. Chen has provided nerve blocks guided by ultrasound three or four times per year. Never once has she treated me with anything other than the utmost respect and professional caring. She is seldom even two or three minutes late for an appointment; and if care for another patient does put her behind schedule, she always apologizes. I find this acknowledgement of the value a patient's time a rarity among physicians.

It saddens, and to an extent even frightens, me to know that I will no longer be treat by Dr. Chen at the Rex Pain Center. She is an extremely competent, intelligent, and caring physician.

5 Stars

Dr Shrimanker was wonderful. He was very focused on easing my
Sciatic pain. He listened to my complaints and explained my condition and what my options were. The staff was courteous and helpful. I recommend him and his staff to anyone that is suffering from back/spine issues.

5 Stars

Dr Chen by far is the most professional Dr at UNC pain management center. Her ability to work with ultra sound, And Her ability to truly understand and listen to the patient needs is beyond amazing. She I s the most truly caring physician you can find.

5 Stars

I have been supported by Dr. Shehzad Choudry for several years as my scoliosis curve and pain progresses . His advice, encouragement, and expertise have been crucial to my ability to deal with my increasing pain. His kind and caring manner and individualized plan for pain management has been instrumental in maintaining the best lifestyle possible for me at this time in my life. His receptionist Kanesha and PA Brookie always welcome me and are so helpful. There are a very few people who "make a difference" in one's life, and he is one of mine". He is professional yet sincere, knowledgeable yet listens, and is honest yet encouraging. He is THE BEST!

5 Stars

Having Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (or CRPS) & Trigeminal Neuralgia is nothing short of hell. When I first became ill with RSD in 2005, I never could’ve imagined how truly tragic the days and years ahead would be.

Life within my neurologically charged shell has far exceeded my worst nightmares. Can you imagine being unable to be touched anywhere by anyone or anything without unbearable chronic pain?

The last 14 yrs, I’ve fallen back on the safety net of the Rex Pain Management Center. Their office has housed some of the best human beings I’ve ever encountered. My favorite of these has been my primary pain doctor, Dr. Hsiupei Chen.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Chen since she joined the Rex Pain Management Center. I’m extremely grateful for her kindness, patience and attentiveness. She has never once pitied me, which is crucial to me. And she keeps a lid on my pain level by quickly fitting me in for blocks and injections during the worst of flares.

I’ve been grateful for her knowledgeable recommendations and keeping me up to date on developments for managing chronic pain. As one of her patients, it’s clear her focus is to provide us with the best care possible. Most importantly, I’ve trusted her, and I’ve trusted her recommendations.

When neurological chaos arises (a few times annually), each predicament is more manageable and less frightening while having Dr. Chen as my entrusted doctor. She emboldens me in this battle. I dread to think how I’d have managed all these years without her care, compassion, encouragement and support.

Having Dr. Chen with me on my medical journey has made an extraordinary difference in my life. She has added years to my life and overwhelmingly improved the quality thereof. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me, and in turn, for my family!

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